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Lens Technology – Blue Light Hazard

What is Blue Light?

​​​​​​​Blue light is a specific wavelength on the light spectrum that is emitted from all electronics with screens (smart phones, electronic tablets, television screens, computers, etc.). Blue light has been singled out as more significantly disruptive to sleep than other colors on the light spectrum. It also plays a big role in our brain functions and more importantly the health of the eye.

blue light spectrum
blue violet light

How does blue light affect my eyes?

​​​​​​​Recent studies suggest that blue light may also contribute to retinal damage, macular degeneration, and much more. Blue light spurs alertness and reduces sleepiness in ways that are detrimental to sleep at night. Research has shown that blue light delays release of the sleep hormone (melatonin), disrupts circadian rhythm, and may influence negative changes to mood.

What can I do to protect my eyes from blue light?

​​​​​​​Vision One Eyecare offers blue light filter as a part of the anti-glare coating on eyeglasses (HOYA Recharge and Zeiss DuraVision Blue Protect), which reflect harmful blue light away from the eyes. It also reduces eyestrain and fatigue caused by blue light waves. The blue light anti-glare protects your eyes from damaging blue light wavelengths, while allowing you to enjoy your favorite mobile devices.

blue light protection